Venice Luggage Deposit

Find the best solution fro you luggages

Venice Luggage Deposit

Find the best solution fro you luggages

Do you find it hard to move around Venice with heavy bags? What if you didn’t have to carry your bags and could enjoy the city without them? Venice luggage storage can help you with that! LuggageHero is the go-to for luggage lockers in Venice. They have over 20 locations across the city. So, you’ll always find a luggage deposit nearby. You can store your bags for a few hours or even several days. LuggageHero offers flexible prices for each situation. Forget about worrying over your left luggage in Venice or struggling to find luggage facilities. Thanks to LuggageHero, it’s easy to locate the closest suitcase storage. Just search “luggage store” or “luggage storage”. You’ll find the nearest Venice bag drop or baggage hold right away. LuggageHero’s luggage assistance means you can walk Venice’s streets worry-free. They have friendly staff looking after your bags. So, you can focus on experiencing the wonder of this historic city.

Key Takeaways

  • LuggageHero offers convenient and secure luggage storage solutions in Venice
  • With more than 20 stores in the city, you can easily find a luggage deposit near you
  • Flexible pricing options allow you to store your bags for hours or days
  • User-friendly search function helps you locate the nearest suitcase storage location
  • Friendly staff ensures your belongings are safe and secure while you explore Venice

Why Choose Luggage Storage in Venice

Venice is a unique city with its canals and narrow streets. It can be hard to get around, especially with heavy bags. If you drag your bags over bridges and through alleys, your dream holiday can feel like a nightmare. Services like LuggageHero help you enjoy Venice without carrying your luggage.

Enjoy Venice Unencumbered

Picture yourself walking Venice’s beautiful streets without heavy bags. Luggage storage services let you leave your bags in safe spots. This way, you can enjoy famous places, tasty food, or just wandering, all without worrying about your bags.

Convenient Locations Near Top Attractions

Luggage storage near tourist sites is a big plus. LuggageHero has spots across the city. So, whether you’re at St. Mark’s Basilica or the Rialto Bridge, you’ll find a place to store your luggage easily. Here are some top spots and where you can store your luggage nearby:
Attraction Nearby Luggage Storage
St. Mark’s Basilica LuggageHero, NannyBag
Rialto Bridge LuggageHero, Vertoe
Doge’s Palace LuggageHero, Radical Storage
Accademia Gallery LuggageHero, Vertoe
With lockers all over Venice, you can easily explore. No need to worry about your bags. You can keep them there for a few hours or several days. This service gives you the freedom to fully enjoy the city.

Top Luggage Storage Options in Venice

In Venice, finding the right place to keep your luggage safe is important. Several providers offer safe and convenient spots. They help travelers see Venice without carrying heavy bags everywhere. Let’s dive into some top locations for luggage storage:


LuggageHero is a trusted name in Venice for keeping your bags safe. They insure your bags for up to €2500, so you can relax. You can drop off or pick up your luggage whenever suits you. They’ve impressed over 140,000 customers with great service.


NannyBag is a great choice for keeping your luggage safe in Venice. They insure bags for up to $1100, ensuring their protection. Travelers have left 27,802 positive reviews, showing they’re trusted. It’s easy to find a spot to stash your stuff with their many locations.


Vertoe is known in Venice for offering good insurance, up to $5000 per item. This is great for storing any valuables. They’ve earned nearly 4,708 top reviews. With Vertoe, exploring Venice is stress-free, leaving your bags behind.

Radical Storage

Radical Storage is a well-known choice worldwide, with no insurance offered. Even without that, they’ve won over 900 happy customers with their service. Travelers appreciate their reliability, making them a go-to for many.
Provider Insurance Coverage Number of Reviews
LuggageHero Up to €2500 per bag Over 140,000
NannyBag Up to $1100 per bag 27,802
Vertoe Up to $5000 per item 4,708
Radical Storage No insurance provided 900
When picking from these great luggage storage spots in Venice, look at insurance, price, and location. With one of these reliable options, enjoy Venice without worrying about your bags.

How to Find the Nearest Luggage Storage in Venice

Finding the closest luggage storage in Venice is simple with LuggageHero. They have over 20 storage spots in the city. This means you can always find one that meets your needs. Just use the search bar on LuggageHero’s website or app. Put in your location or where you plan to go. The map will show you the storage places nearby. This quick and easy tool helps you plan your trip without lugging your bags around. Find nearest luggage storage in Venice LuggageHero’s wide network ensures a storage spot is always close by. Whether you’re going to famous spots or local neighborhoods, you can easily find where to keep your items. This way, you can explore Venice without carrying a heavy load.
Don’t waste precious time dragging your luggage. Find the nearest storage with LuggageHero. Enjoy your trip to this beautiful city to the fullest.
Here are some tips to help you find the closest luggage storage in Venice:
  • Use LuggageHero’s search bar to enter your location or desired area
  • Browse the map to see all available luggage storage facilities near you
  • Check the operating hours and pricing for each location
  • Book your preferred luggage storage facility online to guarantee space
Location Address Opening Hours
Cannaregio Fondamenta Misericordia, 2688 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
San Marco Calle Larga S. Marco, 280 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Dorsoduro Campo San Barnaba, 2867 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
With these easy steps and LuggageHero’s helpful platform, you can quickly find a luggage storage spot in Venice. This ensures your travel is smooth and fun.

Venice Luggage Deposit Near Popular Areas

When you visit Venice, you’ll need a place to drop your bags near top spots. If you’re off to Piazza San Marco, Ponte Rialto, or Cannaregio, you’re covered. You can easily find trusted luggage storage spots to keep your things safe.

Piazza San Marco & Ponte Rialto

Located in Venice’s central area, close to Piazza San Marco and Ponte Rialto, are great spots like Stow your Bags and Bagstop. Here, you can leave your belongings in secure luggage lockers. This way, you’ll have peace of mind while you visit Venice’s well-known sights.

Cannaregio Area

Heading to busy Cannaregio, famous for its Venetian charm and Jewish Ghetto? Not to worry, there’s a nearby left luggage place. Self Storage Luggage, by the Jewish Museum, is a safe choice for your bags. You can enjoy exploring the area’s history and culture without the weight of your luggage.

Piazzale Roma

For travelers coming by bus or car, Piazzale Roma is often their first stop. Kuddus offers a trusted baggage storage option for such visitors. With a secure spot for your bags, you can start your Venetian journey with light steps.

Tronchetto Area

Arriving by cruise or car? Tronchetto is where you might enter Venice. Here, Easy Luggage is close by, offering suitcase deposit. Their secure storage means you can freely explore Venice’s beautiful canals and streets.
Area Luggage Storage Provider Location
Piazza San Marco & Ponte Rialto Stow your Bags, Bagstop Near famous landmarks
Cannaregio Self Storage Luggage Close to Jewish Museum of Venice
Piazzale Roma Kuddus Major transportation hub
Tronchetto Easy Luggage Near cruise port and Vaporetto station
Want to explore Venice without carrying your bags? There are plenty of places to leave your luggage. Enjoy a lighter visit and truly absorb the charm of this magnificent city.

Luggage Storage Pricing and Insurance

When you look for luggage storage prices in Venice, you’ll notice they change a lot. Rates differ based on who you choose and how long you want to store your luggage. Some places let you pay by the hour, while others have daily rates. It’s smart to check the prices and insurance each place offers. This way, you can make sure you get what’s best for your budget. Venice luggage storage pricing

Hourly and Daily Rates

In Venice, you can pay for luggage storage by the hour or by the day. Take LuggageHero, for example. They charge as low as €2.49 for an hour or €8.49 for a full day. Alternatively, Stow your Bags charges €2.99 hourly or €18.49 daily. Bagstop’s rates vary from €0.98 for small bags to €1.98 for large ones per hour. Finally, Self Storage Luggage starts at €4 for 2 hours and goes up to €12 per day.
Provider Hourly Rate Daily Rate
LuggageHero €2.49 €8.49
Stow your Bags €2.99 €18.49
Bagstop €0.98 – €1.98
Self Storage Luggage €4 (2 hours) €12

Insurance Coverage for Your Belongings

Looking at the insurance is key when picking somewhere in Venice to store your luggage. LuggageHero stands out by offering up to €2500 of insurance per bag. This can really ease your mind while you travel. It’s wise to check the insurance details of each place. This ensures you know what your stuff is covered for. By looking at both prices and insurance, you can pick the best storage place for your needs. Don’t let heavy bags spoil your time in Venice. With these safe and handy luggage storage options, you can enjoy the city without worry.

Tips for Storing Your Luggage in Venice

In Venice, storing your luggage right is key. It helps you explore the city with no stress. Remember these tips for the best experience. Book your storage space online before arriving in Venice. This is crucial during busy seasons. Don’t forget to set a reminder on your browser for when to pick up your bags. If you have a lot of bags, think about storing them together. You can often get a deal if you store 10 or more bags at once. Find a storage place that’s open late or all night. This way, you can drop off or pick up your bags whenever it suits you. Many places in Venice are open around the clock for this reason.
Comparing prices and insurance is vital for choosing the right luggage storage in Venice.
When you’re looking at luggage storage options in Venice, check for these points:
  • Hourly and daily rates
  • Insurance coverage amount per bag
  • Location proximity to your planned activities
  • Customer reviews and ratings
Luggage Storage Provider Hourly Rate Daily Rate Insurance Coverage
LuggageHero €1 per hour €8 per day Up to €2500 per bag
Stow Your Bags €1.20 per hour €7 per day Up to €1000 per bag
Nannybag €1.50 per hour €10 per day Up to €1500 per bag
Do your homework on luggage storage. This ensures you pick the best option for your trip and budget. Enjoy Venice without worrying about your bags.

Frequently Asked Questions About Venice Luggage Storage

Storing your luggage in Venice might bring up questions. You might be wondering about the rules, how long you can store your bag, or what to do with large or strange-shaped items. We aim to answer the top questions about luggage storage in Venice here. This will make your trip smoother and more enjoyable without the stress.

What is the Maximum Storage Duration?

Most luggage storage providers in Venice allow you to keep your stuff for a short or long time. The specific length you can leave your bag depends on the place. Some spots might let you leave it for just a few days. Others are okay with you keeping it longer. It’s smart to check with the provider to make sure they match what you need.

Are There Size Restrictions for Luggage?

The amount of space available for bags can be different everywhere in Venice. Big bags could fit in some storage, but not in others. To not be caught off guard, ask about size restrictions when you decide on a spot. This means your luggage gets in and stays safe while you’re out exploring Venice.

Can I Store Odd-Sized Items?

If you’re traveling with something big or unusual, like ski gear or a musical instrument, rest easy. Most luggage storage spots in Venice can take these items. But, it’s wise to tell them in advance. Letting them know what you’re bringing helps them get ready. You’ll know your unique items are looked after during your time in Venice.

Alternatives to Luggage Storage Facilities in Venice

When you visit Venice, traditional storage spots might not be enough. Luckily, there are other handy options. These choices can make moving around Venice easier and more enjoyable.

Storing Bags at Your Hotel

If you’re at a hotel in Venice, you might store your bags. This is true even if you checked out or not checked in yet. Many places do this for their guests. It lets you explore baggage-free. Just ask the staff about the storage rules. Here’s what to remember about storing at your Venice hotel:
  • Know when you can drop off and pick up your bags, and what it costs.
  • Make sure your bags have your name and how to reach you.
  • Ask about how they keep your bags safe.
  • If you have valuable or fragile items, see if you can keep them in a room safe.

Luggage Storage at Tourist Attractions

Venice’s key spots, like museums, have places to keep your luggage. This helps you explore without your big bags. They might have lockers or a place to check your things in. Some big sites in Venice offer luggage storage like:
Attraction Storage Type Price
Doge’s Palace Cloakroom €1 per item
St. Mark’s Basilica Lockers €1 per locker
Peggy Guggenheim Collection Cloakroom Free for visitors
Ca’ Rezzonico Lockers €1 per locker
Don’t forget these tips for luggage storage at sights in Venice:
  • Look at the attraction’s website or ask about luggage storage rules and costs.
  • Know any limits on the size of items you can store.
  • Have small bills or coins for lockers, if needed.
  • Get your bags before the place closes, so you’re not stuck.
Try these new ways to handle your bags in Venice. You can make your trip better. Whether you store at your hotel or use spots at sights, you can see more of Venice easily and really enjoy the city.


Venice has many places to store your luggage. You can choose from known companies like LuggageHero, NannyBag, Vertoe, and Radical Storage. They let you enjoy Venice without carrying your bags. These places let you leave your bags for a short or long time, depending on what you need. Looking for the best luggage storage in Venice? Think about where it is, how much it costs, if it’s safe, and what others say about it. Many storage spots are close to famous places like Piazza San Marco, Ponte Rialto, and Piazzale Roma. This makes grabbing your bags easy. Also, these spots usually have fair prices and insurance to keep your things safe. You can go with a regular luggage storage spot in Venice or other options like leaving your bags at a hotel or museum. This lets you enjoy Venice more. Without your bags, you can explore Venice’s small streets, beautiful buildings, and its lively scene without a worry. There are many ways to leave your bags in Venice, making your visit a memorable one.


Most luggage storage spots in Venice let you keep your stuff for hours or days. But, storage times can vary from place to place. So be sure to ask the facility about their rules.

Yes, some spots could have limits on how big your bag or suitcase can be. It’s smart to check with the place directly. Make sure your luggage fits their policies. This helps avoid any issues.

Many places in Venice are happy to look after special items like ski gear or cameras. Just make a quick call to ensure they can handle your unique items. This tip saves you time and trouble.

If you’re in Venice, some hotels may let you store your bags, whether or not you’re staying with them. Yet, offering this service is up to each hotel. It might be a yes, or maybe not.

Yes, Venice’s museums and art galleries often have places for you to leave your bags. Store them in the cloakroom or lockers, then roam free. Always double-check the location’s rules first.