Venice Luggage Deposit
Venice Luggage Deposit


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From St. Mark’s square (click here)

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Prices are per suitcase.

For the first suitcase (hand luggage/cabin size): 6 EUR

From the second suitcase (hand luggage/cabin size): 5 EUR per piece.

Suitcases larger than the hand luggage / cabin size: 10 EUR

Daily tariff


Venice, the only city in the world “exclusively pedestrian”, it is easily walkable, and the absence of cars makes this experience very enjoyable.
However, walking around the city all day can be tiring, so it is better to take precautions.

Even more hard it can be visiting Venice with hand luggage and suitcases, especially ’cause there are a lot of bridges to cross.

Once deposited your luggage, however, it is possible to take advantage of the last hours of your vacation in the city, before departure, in the very heart of Venice, between Rialto and San Marco:

If you wish to take a romantic ride along the canals, you can book a gondola ride, but beware of the prices hovering around 80 € for a basic tour

Thanks to the “Art Vaporetto” you can discover Venice and its magnificent treasures along the Grand Canal. It stops to the most fascinating sights and museums of Venice and many services are available on board, such as a system of video and audio ads.

You can book online with different validity periods (from 12 hours to 7 days) and allow you to hop on and off to suit your needs and interest over a period of time to visit museums, exhibitions and monuments listed in the kit information you receive on board.

Ask for more informations when you leave your bags with us, we will be happy to help you!


Terms and conditions

di Dario Giannuzzi e C. sas

main quarter Castello 5496, Venezia

Meaning of the terms:
LUGGAGE DEPOSIT: space at disposition for deposit luggage, furniture and administration organization.
DEPOSIT STAFF: fisical person assigned to the mansion of storing and custody luggage in the deposit.
DEPOSITER: fisical person who uses this service

Luggage accepted in the deposit
At the moment of the deposit luggage, the depositer must declare the contents of each singol piece of luggage, and that the contents are not included in the unaceptable items as for art. 3
According to the limit of capacity of the deposit, cases cests, bags, runksacks and similar for travelling are accepted. All luggage must be securerly closed.
The VEN,TUR sas takes no responsability for money, precius metals, documents, objects of value or any other valubles contained in anysingle piece of luggage, see art.3
The luggage is introduced into the deposit on request of the owner, rappresentative or carrier of each single piece of luggage.
The VEN-TUR sas has the facolty of not accepting luggage in the deposit.

Luggage not accepted in the deposit
a- Luggage containing inflamable material, perishable good with emission of toxic fumes, which may cause damage to the deposit structure or to other luggage contained inside the deposit.
b- Money, jewels, precious metals, documents or other objects of value in general.
c- Luggage weighting over 25 Kg
Luggage in bad condition may be refused.
Exception may be made, on condition that the depositer leaves a written declaration relieving the deposit of any responsability in relation to the bad condition and perishement of the contents of the same.
In this case, at the moment of recieving the luggage, the deposit staff must call attentionof the depositer on the conditions of the luggage, and state the same on the ticket. See art.7

Public opening hours of the deposit
Monday to Sunday – 9,30-19,30
Without exception

Deposit staff
Depositing and custody of luggage is serviced exlusively by the VEN-TUR sas staff.
The deposit staff have the obbligation to observe and make observe all rules and regulations relating the services of depositing and custody of luggage, recevieng payment, signing tickets, and any other operations regarding the general terms

Access deposit for working reasons
Access to the deposit is always accepted for control and gestioni on behalf of the VEN-TUR staff and upon written request also to the police and tax agents motivated by security and service reasons

Mode of introduction luggage in the deposit
On depositing luggage staff must compile the documentation in dotation at the deposit.
The matrix with progressiv number remains at the deposit, the first part of the ticket retaining the same progressiv number as the matrix is consigned to the depositer and the second part of the ticket is collocated on the luggage deposited,
On the matrix the followin information must be indicated:
a- date & time of luggage deposited
b- date & time of presumed collection
c- amount payed for storage
d- full name of the depositer
Deposit staff are not obligated to controll the identity of the depositer.
The depositer must pay on the act of the depositing the minimun tariff befor receiving the reciept of the deposit.

Prices for depositing and custody of luggage determined by the VEN_TUR sas are visibly exposed to the public inside the deposit.
Prices due for depositing normal luggage ia as follows:

Prices are per suitcase.
For the first suitcase (hand luggage/cabin size): 6 EUR
From the second suitcase (hand luggage/cabin size): 5 EUR per piece.
Suitcases larger than the hand luggage / cabin size: 10 EUR
Daily tariff

Mode of restuition of luggage
The luggage deposited are riconsigned to the owner of the ticket, after further payment, if the luggage deposited has remained for longer period than the minimun period and tarif. See art. 8
The deposit staff must verify at the moment of consigning luggage, the corresponding ticket numberexhibited by the depositer, the identity is not necessary. However if for valid reasons the deposit staff are in doubt the restitution may be suspended and verification of identity be requested.
The deposit may free themselves from any obbligation towards the luggage DEPOSITANDO the same at expense of the depositer. See reg art 1777 civil code.

Faillure collection of luggage deposited
Past 90 days from the date of specified collection, luggage is taken as abandoned, the depositer looses any rights and riebursements. The luggage deposit may procced on their discretion to sell, destroy or retain the luggage and contents

Request for forgotten luggage
The restitution of forgotten luggage is at full expense of the depositer.
The VEN-TUR sas will provide the spedition of luggage if requested promptly. In this case yhe client must anticipate any expenses incurred by the VEN-TUR sas for weight, destination, carrier, etc with a minimum cost of € 30,00.

The luggage deposit accepts no responsability for damage and natural perishment of luggage deposited under their direct custody which cannot be attribuited to them for bad conservation damage or loss or casual accidents or natural events es. earthquakes and highwater. No responsability is taken for different contents not declared by the depositer.


Conditions and revision of general terms
On recieving the ticket the depositer accepts any regulations described in the present general terms document, copy may be requested at the headoffice of the VEN-TUR sas.
The VEN-TUR sas reserves the right to modify the general terms according to experience and necessity which may emerge from the activity.

Law Courts
Any parts agree that any controverses which may arise with merit to the interpretation, effectiveness and execution of the general terms will be exclusive competence of the law courts of Venice.

The translation of this document on behalf on the VEN-TUR sas rappresents information of courtesy.
In case of contentious procedure, refer to the italian language.

Dario Giannuzzi



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